Russell Boyce

Managing Director

Russell Boyce is a managing partner and the Managing Director of Priorities ABA. Russell graduated from East Carolina University with a business degree in 1993. After graduating, he worked as a manager for Sherwin-Williams for ten years. Growing up, Russell had a number of experiences that contributed to his knowledge and interest in starting a company like Priorities. He grew up in a small, family-owned business, spent time with two family members with developmental disabilities, and was very close to his Great Aunt, a Director of Nursing who worked with patients with Tuberculosis in North Carolina. In 2001, Russell helped Apple Boyce start Priorities ABA. Russell was trained as an ABA therapist and worked with a teenager with autism for two years. Russell has helped grow the company from a one person operation to over 130 employees, with six locations helping families across North Carolina.

“While she was in college, I saw the amazing difference Apple was making in the life of a child with autism. The original intent for the company was for Apple to start a solo practice helping families with in home ABA programs. However, we soon saw the overwhelming need for effective therapy services so we hired more staff. My favorite part of the job is advocacy. I love helping parents fight for their kids.”