Rose Marie Sherman

Rose Marie is a special projects assistant with Priorities ABA. Rose Marie earned a BS in English, an MA in Education, and an MA in Counseling from East Carolina University. She is a career educator and counselor with over 30 years of experience. Rose Marie received extensive training and program implementation through the Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention. Her experience includes direct instruction in ABA therapy, generalization of skills, community involvement, peer integration, school inclusion, and advocacy. She ran a comprehensive ABA program in her home under the supervision of a Consultant.

Rose Marie is also a nationally published author in areas of autism and parenting. She has been a featured speaker and ABA demonstrator at regional conferences. She has won numerous awards including:
• Pitt County Schools Teacher of the Year
• Greenville Jaycees Outstanding Educator
• Technical Utilization Award from the North Carolina Association for Behavior Analysis
• Pitt County Schools Ambassador Award from the Greenville Noon Rotary

“ABA therapy literally transformed my son’s life! Having utilized other therapies earlier without success, I was amazed at how much my son could learn through our comprehensive ABA program. As an advocate, my passion is using my personal and professional experiences to help children and their families.”