Apple Boyce

Clinical Director / Behavioral Consultant HSP-PA, LBA, BCBA

Apple is a managing partner and the Clinical Director for Priorities ABA, as well as a Behavioral Consultant. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) in North Carolina, and has Health Services Provider Status (HSP-PA). More recently, she also obtained her Behavior Analyst license in Virginia. Apple earned an MA in Psychology from East Carolina University, specializing in Developmental Disabilities. In 1995, Apple began extensive training and program implementation in a home based ABA program. Her experience included years of direct instruction through the Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention. Since 2001, Apple has been providing ABA consulting services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families through Priorities ABA, PLLC. Apple’s background includes firsthand experience in direct ABA instruction, generalization and naturalization of skills, community involvement, and school inclusion. Apple has worked with children in a variety of settings including home based programs, mental health centers, public schools, and private companies. She has worked with children ranging from 17 months to 22 years of age, at all functioning levels.

“I have been volunteering and working with children with special needs since I was 14 years old. I came to college knowing I wanted to work with special needs children, but was unsure of my specialty. While in college I worked as a 1:1 therapist in an ABA home program. I was drawn to the behavioral approach due to its many applications and most importantly its effectiveness. After 2 days, I switched everything to the psychology track to pursue my MA degree in psychology so I could go into the field of ABA. In 2001, I started Priorities ABA to bring ABA therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in North Carolina.”