ABA Workshops

ABA Workshops are conducted in your home, and include a combination of direct contact and non-contact time.

Contact Hours

Contact hours include:

  • Observation of your child doing ABA therapy programs;
  • Informal measurement of the child’s progress in all programs;
  • Ongoing training in ABA therapy techniques for you and your child’s staff;
  • Guided practice in implementing ABA techniques;
  • Data collection instruction; and
  • Updates to your child’s ABA programs and behavioral interventions as needed.

The Consultant will explain and demonstrate each new program developed for your child, and have each person working with your child practice these techniques.

Non-Contact Hours

Non-contact hours include:

  • Designing a therapy program tailored specifically to your child’s needs;
  • Compiling written reports; and
  • Providing up to one hour of additional telephone or email consultation.