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Hurricane Florence and Emotional Recovery


The trauma of Hurricane Florence and the catastrophic flooding is overwhelming for children with autism.  While every child’s response is different, there are some common behaviors and reactions.  Emotional recovery involves caring adults responding to and supporting children at their unique developmental levels. Common Behaviors and Reactions Regressive behaviors (reverting back to earlier stages of […]

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Why I Chose ABA


The diagnosis of autism brings with it a deluge of treatment options.  Parents of a newly diagnosed child often feel overwhelmed and confused.  At least, that is how it was for me. Like so many parents I gradually realized the tremendous extent of my son Robert’s challenges, clinically termed as “moderate autism and significant cognitive […]

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ABA Therapy in the Treatment of Autism: What is the Focus of Therapy?

ABA therapy for children with Autism

Comprehensive ABA therapy programs address every area a child needs to be successful in daily life.  Each skill is broken down into its smaller component steps, and the steps are taught in a clear and logical hierarchy.  Skills range from simple and basic skills occurring early in development to difficult and complex skills that typically […]

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Autism Insurance Reform Takes Effect in NC July 2016


Last year, North Carolina became the 43rd state to finally pass Autism Insurance legislation. For the past several years, Lorri Unumb and others with Autism Speaks have led families and advocates for families of people with autism spectrum disorders in a hard-fought battle for insurance coverage of ABA therapy. Last year, state congressional leaders passed […]

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